St Joseph's Catholic Parish Murgon

Marriage Service

The Sacrament of Matrimony offered in this Parish is in complete accord with Archdiocesan policy and practices. Effectively, this means that a Marriage Preparation Course is mandatory for each couple considering a Church wedding, be it a simple wedding service (No Mass) or a Nuptial Wedding (includes Mass). The Marriage Preparation Course may be completed locally in conjunction with the Parish Priest or through a marriage preparation course provider, such as Centacare, Brisbane. The course is generally run over several weeks. In this Parish, the FOCCUS Marriage Preparation course is preferred and used.

Legal and church papers would be generally completed in the presence of the Parish Priest in specially convened meetings. Similarly, any review of the proposed wedding programme needs to be discussed with the Parish Priest in a meeting.

To begin the process, simply telephone the Parish Priest at the Presbytery number, and an initial consultative meeting will be arranged. There are fees associated with Church Weddings and this information will be detailed with the couple at the first meeting.  Scheduling of weddings will be at the convenience of the Parish Priest.

Changes to Federal Law allow for the marriage enquiry and completion of the Notice of Intended Marriage (Form 13) to be made up to but not exceeding eighteen (18) months prior to the date of the intended wedding. In the Brisbane Archdiocese, a minimum period of six (6) months should be allowed between initial consultation with the Parish Priest and intended wedding day. The time enables the due processing of dispensation requests by Brisbane-based Church Offices.

Contact Parish Office for further information.

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